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I have owned a plant nursery in the same location since 1986, but I only starting growing seriously hot peppers in 2009. It all started when my next door neighbor was bragging how he was growing, and could eat whole, an orange Habanero pepper. I thought it would be fun to grow the hottest pepper in the world, and see what would happen when he tried to eat one of those. So, I went out and found some Bhut Jolokia plants, (which were then the current record holder at just over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs)) and produced several hundred peppers that year. The down side to all this was that I had talked about these peppers for so long, when the time came, he refused to eat one. The up side to this was I loved the taste of the peppers, and would dehydrate them, grind them up into a powder, and use that in all kinds of foods.

In early 2011, a friend sent me an e-mail, telling me there was a new world's record holder that was called the Trinidad "Butch T." Scorpion Pepper. That pepper was rated at 1,463,700 SHUs. I immediately found plants of these, and quite a few other interesting peppers, like the Moruga Scorpion, Naga Morich, and the Fatalii. I started with 12 plants in total, and everything has grown from there.

If you already know me from my work with growing cycads for 25+ years, you know that I constantly experiment with every aspect of growing to find out the best way it can be done. I do not consider myself an expect on growing peppers, but as time goes on, I will add some articles in my site that may help new people get into this great hobby. I HAVE found ways to grow my peppers without using commercial fertilizers and to keep my plants pest free without using pesticides. I am currently growing 8 different types of seriously hot peppers, and will have seeds, fresh peppers, plants, and an array of pepper powders available. Seeds are available now, and the other pepper products will be available at certain times of the year. See the pages to the left for updates on the availability of each pepper product.

I am growing all the pepper plants used for fresh peppers and pepper powder, in one greenhouse, and the plants that will be used to produce seeds are totally separated from each other in various locations around my nursery so that I can be sure that the seeds will be exactly what they are supposed to be. Unlike some other sources, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you are buying. I personally hand pollinate every single plant, collect the peppers and the seeds, and do everything else myself so I know it is all done right. I am also constantly doing my homework on what new seriously hot peppers might be available, so you will never see something like you see on other sites where it mentions that the new record holder is still the "ghost pepper".

This is a brand new site and I will be adding new things all the time. I look forward to meeting as many "chili heads" as possible, and hope to be your favorite source of anything having to do with seriously hot peppers.

Tom Broome


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